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The GSA Mission Oriented Business & Integrated Services (MOBIS) Schedule 874 Contract is the second most widely used GSA Schedule in terms of sales. The GSA MOBIS Schedule serves as a resource for federal agencies to secure management and consulting services to improve performance and meet government mandated objectives in a timely manner.

Currently Loch Harbour Group has the following SIN #’s:

SIN#: 874 1 Consulting Services

Contractors shall provide expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support an agency’s mission-oriented business functions. Services covered by this SIN are:

  • Management or strategy consulting
  • Program planning, audits, and evaluations
  • Studies, analyses, scenarios, and reports relating to an agency’s mission-oriented business programs or initiatives, such as defense studies, tabletop exercises or scenario simulations, educational studies, regulatory or policy studies, health care studies, economic studies, and preparedness studies
  • Executive/management coaching services
  • Customized business training as needed to successfully perform/complete a consulting engagement o Policy and regulation development assistance
  • Expert Witness services in support of litigation, claims, or other formal cases
  • Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203

SIN#: 874 7 Integrated Business Program Support Services

Contractors shall provide services to assist agencies in managing their mission-oriented business projects or programs and achieving mission performance goals. Services covered by this SIN include:

  • All phases of program or project management, from planning to closeout
  • Operational/administrative business support services in order to carry out program objectives

NOTE 1: Program support services where the preponderance of work is specifically covered under other GSA Schedules are not permitted under this SIN; please refer to the Scope of Work in Part I of the MOBIS solicitation for further information.

NOTE 2: Administrative support services are authorized under this SIN; however, they must be provided in conjunction with other professional business services covered under this Schedule and must be performed under the supervision of the contractor’s Project or Program Manager. Personal services as defined in FAR are prohibited under MOBIS

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Period of Performance

09/01/09 through 08/31/19