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Senior Logistician


Loch Harbour Group, Inc. (LHG) is seeking qualified personnel to provide a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Logistics for the OPTEMPO Team. Prepare proposed strategy options using the Training Resource Model in support of the Army Training Strategy IAW AR 350-1.  Prepare analysis and reports using the Training Resource Model, daily in support of the OPTEMPO Program Manager in the ARNG G4 Directorate (ARNG-LGZ).  Conducts organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively.

Job Duties

Duties will include:

  • Provide analysis using the Training Resource Model in the form of email responses, spreadsheets, information papers, and phone calls. The ARNG requires approximately 20-25 analyses per week.
  • The provide Training Resource Model (TRM) validation of Ground OPTEMPO issues. Training Resource Model validation consists of running reports and conducting analysis for the OPTEMPO Program Manager.
  • Provide fact-finding and consolidate issues that cross ARNG divisions as they relate to the Army Training Strategy using the Training Resource Model.
  • Recommendations are usually in form of email responses, spreadsheets, and Information papers. The Government requires approximately ten analyses per week.
  • Execute and incorporate unique ARNG activities and force structure and other modelling activities into the Training Resource Model as they relate to the ARNG portion of the Army Training Strategy.
  • Fact Finding. The Contractor shall analyze TRM outputs, and prepare draft reports and draft briefings of outputs for use by Government employees to present issues. The Government requires approximately three fact-finding draft reports and draft briefings per month.
  • Modelling and Fact Finding: The Contractor shall liaise with ARNG-LGZ, ARNG-TR, ARNG-AV and Department of the Army TRM personnel and Contractors in support of the ARNG portion of the Training Resource Model. The purpose of this function is to ensure that the TRM is as up-to-date as for ARNG unique issues.
  • Planning Activities: The Contractor shall prepare recommendations in support of the Ground OPTEMPO program. The Contractor shall prepare draft recommended distribution plans based on the training strategy and the TRM. The Contractor shall run a TRM report of costing estimates for various functions in the Logistics and Training Division. Documents will be in support of collective training or unit operations and may be addressed to the ARNG Directorate staff, or the States/Territories, and will be approved by Government employees.
  • Planning Activities: The Contractor shall provide a summary or briefing analysis on TRM outputs and the ARNG Training Strategy for approval and presentation by Government employee presentation. The Government requires approximately two summaries or briefings per month.
  • Fact Finding and Presentation: The Contractor shall research and prepare weekly State obligation maps and spreadsheets of ARNG-LGZ programs for the directorate leadership. Data includes funding distributed to States/Territories, and amount of these funds that are obligated. The standards for obligation rates will be provided by the ARNG Comptroller, and any product will be approved by a Government employee. The maps and spreadsheets are due each week to the COR. Contractor shall use Government provided examples.

Minimum Position Requirements

  • MBA, MS or BS, BA Degree
  • Manager, Leader, SME in Logistics.
  • 20 years as manager/leader or Logistician

Desired Education and Experience

  • Military experience is a plus at 05/06 Level or GS – 14/15 in Logistics

Security Clearance Requirement


Place of Performance

Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, VA.

Company Highlights

At LHG, we offer our employees a full comprehensive and competitive benefits package. Our benefits package features:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Paid time off
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Company paid short/long term disability
  • Company paid Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance
  • 401(k) (up to 3% matching)
  • FSA
  • Other company perks

The Loch Harbour Group is an equal opportunity employer, all interested qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, D/M/V/F. LHG welcomes and encourages diversity in the workforce.