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Training and Development Specialist


The DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) established the Active Shooter Preparedness Program in 2011 to provide the critical infrastructure community with resources and training to better prepare, increase security, and develop resilience to face these types of incidents. Over the past six years, the Program – managed by IP’s Sector Outreach and Programs Division (SOPD) – has offered a comprehensive training curriculum and online resources to support the increasing demands of the critical infrastructure community to include the private sector and all levels of government. To more effectively address the active assailant threat, particularly given that many attacks have occurred in areas not traditionally secured with full protective measures such as in malls, shopping centers, entertainment venues, etc., IP developed the Office of Infrastructure Protection Soft Target Security Plan and the Office of Infrastructure Protection Soft Target Security Framework.  Both of these documents further the organization’s commitment to the security of soft targets by developing enhanced resources and capabilities to mitigate risk.  Active assailant security is an integral component of the IP soft target security strategy and the mission to protect critical infrastructure. The purpose of this Program is to develop resources and augment delivery capabilities in order to support the traditional critical infrastructure communities and faith-based organizations, small businesses, local communities, etc. with specific focus on the soft target segment, in mitigating risks associated with the active assailant scenario.

Job Duties

Duties will include:

  • Contractor will serve as Subject Matter Expert on active assailant related topics and scenarios to develop training presentations.
  • Will be required to assist in the delivery of at least fifty 8-hour in-person workshops that average 150 participants, but may vary depending on location and facility. Specialist will also be required to assist in or deliver at least six 4 hour seminars. Location, facility, time, and dates to be determined as requested by the Government.
  • In-person Workshops and seminars led by Training and Development Specialist will be focused on a range of topics related to active assailant security and active shooter prevention and recovery, with particular emphasis on the development of emergency action plans.
  • Specialist shall conduct at least six (6) 1 or 2-hour webinar presentations regarding active assailant security and active shooter related topics. Each webinar request will be initiated by the Government and will be tailored to specific audiences (to be determined by the Government).
  • Workshop, Seminar, and Webinar topics covered will range focusing on topics such as terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs); attack methods such as active shooter, active stabber, and vehicle ramming; insider threat mitigation; behavioral indicators detection; and soft target security.
  • Assist the Program in identifying additional mechanisms to engage non-traditional critical infrastructure communities such as faith-based organizations, small businesses, local communities, etc. to expand upon the base of current stakeholders and provide the widest possible reach of the active assailant TTPs. This will help broaden the reach of the Program and increase the number of people and entities accessing information that can improve security against active assailant scenarios
  • Domestic travel will be required as necessary for workshops and seminars to facility locations to be determined by the Government.
  • Support the development of training curricula and materials.
  • Conduct research and analysis of active assailant events and threats.

Minimum Position Requirements

  • BA/BS degree and/or MA/MS degree
  • 3-10+ years’ experience
  • Communicate effectively, both in writing and orally
  • MS Office knowledge
  • DHS Suitability

Security Clearance Requirement

Secret Clearance Preferred

Place of Performance

Washington, D.C. Area

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